Learn how to create deep and meaningful workshop programs and experiences that leave your audiences transformed and craving more!

November 3-4, 2017 | 8:45am- 5:00pm | Oakland, CA

Walk confidently into a room knowing that you are about to change people's lives... and best of all, knowing you have the right skills to make their experience effective, energizing, enrolling and unforgettable.

All the "right skills" are already in you. In this moment, YOU have what it takes to move and transform any audience.

The trick is creating a program specifically designed for you that highlights your unique skills and special sauce.

But how do you do that?

Through the years of speaking I’ve watched wise, even gifted business leaders and presenters struggle with their live programs because they:

  • Deliver brilliant content without knowing how to cultivate a personal experience for a room that is designed to provoke transformation and impact lives.
  • Get stuck trying to do it right and "make the sale", loosing the magic of who they are and work they are meant to share.
  • Think slides alone tell the story of what they are capable of and unfortunately leave their rooms unimpressed and disappointed.

And then what happens?

  • An uninspired audience that ‘checks out’, leaves early and doesn’t sign up for more
  • They don’t tell their friends how amazing it was to be at your event
  • A low number of follow-up responses, referrals, and returning participants
  • A dwindling customer base and decreased revenue

You want so much more for your people! And I feel that desire!

I feel the heart of what you want to do in the world and the frustration of not knowing HOW to bring that to your audience in the most powerful, impactful, and authentic way possible.

I’m Vicki Abadesco and I’ve been facilitating programs for over 30 years, reaching the hearts and minds of thousands of people. Through my years on stage as an educator and transformational leader for groups and organizations, I’ve learned key tools and strategies every presenter and entrepreneur needs to know to boost confidence and to successfully create a deep and meaningful experience for participants.

I have worked with businesses and nonprofit organizations for over 20 years. And in those years, Vicki Abadesco is the best educator, trainer, and creator of learning I have ever known. I'd go to a workshop on vacuuming if she were running it!

Lorne Needle, Curriculum Development and People Programs Manager, Google

Welcome to Unforgettable

November 3-4, 2017 | 8:45am- 5:00pm | Oakland, CA

This is not your typical "speaker" training, it's beyond that.

This is better than a signature talk, this is your SIGNATURE EXPERIENCE!

*A little secret: Your content is not what makes your event unforgettable. It's the feeling and connections you cultivate and the unique experience you design for them.

**Special bonus secret: People pay for unique experiences.

Unforgettable is an amazing 2-day interactive workshop experience that gives you the tools and strategies needed to create incredible and memorable experiences for your audience, and positions you as an engaging leader in your field! During Unforgettable you will learn to:

  • Design a workshop experience that speaks to your unique skills and expertise.
  • Bring your authenticity to your audience in a way that inspires action towards taking the next step with you- energetically, physically and emotionally.
  • Make everyone in the room feel personally seen and heard by you in a way that creates deep relationship, leading to life-long clients.
  • Facilitate a space where transformation happens AND sales happen easily at the same time.
  • Take your audience from simply a group of people to a unified tribe with programs designed to build community.
  • Create an engaging program that’s ALIVE and is fun for you to deliver and your audience to receive.

Passion. Results. Inspiration.

That’s what Unforgettable is about.

Who Needs to Lead Workshops & Presentations that are Unforgettable?

Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Service-based Business Owners, Revolutionaries, Coaches, Teachers, Educators, Speakers

Anyone who wants to make an IMPACT with their audiences!

I'm three-time winner of "Best College Campus Speaker" and Vicki is the person I go to for speaking advice. I've worked with Vicki for years and during her programs she has the rare ability to evoke a heart-space, create big fun, be professional, and display deep wisdom...all at the same time.

- Troy Stende, Stende Inspirations

Whenever I’m creating a new workshop or program and I want to have the entire room have a deep experience of FEELing what I’m talking about, there is only ONE go-to person - Vicki. It's one thing to know what I want my audience to experience and it's another to be able to deliver on that every time. Vicki helps me to do that because she knows exactly what it takes to get the whole room to experience the emotional state optimal for transformation. She is amazing!

- Bill Baren, Bill Baren Coaching

Unforgettable delivered so much more than I expected. I went hoping to learn some tools and tricks to better engage my audiences and I left with a system for being with people such that they were thrilled to be in the room with me. My employees even seem happier and more content because I have brought these skills in to our meetings. It has made an undeniable impact in lots of areas of my work.

Vicki brings a level of mastery to leading a room that is incomparable to anyone else I have ever seen.

- Denise Warner, CEO, Bold Life Designs

The quality of my presence is the quality of my relationships. It’s bigger than facilitating and presenting, it’s how we do life.

- AshEL SeaSunZ, CEO of Earth Amplified Consulting

Vicki is absolutely masterful at facilitating large groups! The way she is able to quietly and powerfully command a room and is able TO intuitively read her audience and quickly respond to their needs allows her to create deep and meaningful experiences that transform every heart and soul in the room.

Everyone that meets Vicki falls in love with her because she leads with her heart, has a smile that brightens up your day, and has that X factor that every successful leader needs.

- Aaron Pinkwasser, Marketing Manager, Bill Baren Coaching


Create a unique experience that showcase your expertise, wisdom and heart.

Give the audience AN experience of YOU!

What to expect at Unforgettable:

  • 2 exciting days filled with interactive learning that you can take back to your own stage.
  • Connection with other like-minded leaders who want to bring their messages to the stage and world more powerfully.
  • My exclusive formula for designing a transformational and successful presentation or workshop experience that’s easy to implement so you start getting results as soon as you put it into practice.
  • Practice sessions to hone and own the strategies in real time, getting you professional feedback on which to build an unshakeable foundation.
  • Hot Seat opportunities to help perfect your experience, so you’re ready to rock the room and your audience as soon as you leave.

The Details

Friday, November 3 & Saturday, November 4, 2017
Oakland, CA

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